About Us

Our Philosophy

Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd. (so-called TKS) was founded in 1874 (the year Meiji 7), and TKS has been since then concentrating on its business philosophy of ‘Never Stopping technical research ‘ and ‘Clients First’ spirits as web press manufacture.
TKS has been grateful having top class clients. TKS has built today’s business foundation by striving to reach the true manufacture with its tradition.

‘Provide safe products which fulfilled clients’ demand by TKS continuously developed technology.’
‘Contribute to the society widely through TKS services.’

TKS continues to provide newly developed products using TKS unique noble technology to meet clients’ true demand based on these motto stated above as well as TKS business philosophy previously introduced.

Management Strategy

  1. We are committed to satisfy our customers with safe products and on-time services.
  2. We never stop challenging to take a part in new business for further growth.
  3. We always try to increase our profits by promoting structural reforms.